All-Star Selection Process


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TVLL All-Star Nomination, Evaluation and Selection Process


Number of All-Star Teams


8u - 2 teams (teams play in 1 non-advancing tournament against other local little leagues from District 13)


9u - 2 teams (teams play in 1 non-advancing tournament against other local little leagues from District 13)


10u - 1 team (team plays in a multi-district all-star tournament with the ability to advance all the way to the New York State Championships)


11u - 1 team (team plays in a multi-district all-star tournament with the ability to advance all the way to the New York State Championships)


12u - 1 team (team plays in a multi-district all-star tournament with the ability to advance all the way to the Little League World Series)


Selection Process


1. All-Star Manager Selection. The TVLL player activities committee (PAC) provides all managers and coaches the opportunity to submit their name for All-Star manager consideration. The PAC then votes on and selects the All-Star managers for each age level and the final selection must be approved by the TVLL President.


2. Player Nominations. Managers from each regular season TVLL team are asked to submit a nomination form to the TVLL player activities committee nominating players from their team who they feel are worthy of All-Star consideration.  In doing so, they must evaluate player skills and note the positions the player is best suited for and write-up a short justification as to why they believe the player should be considered.


3. Player Scouting and Evaluation. The All-Star managers receive copies of the nomination forms for their respective age groups and then begin scouting players during their regular season games.


4. Managers Meeting. The All-Star manager calls a meeting of the regular season TVLL managers who nominated players for their respective All-Star age group. During this meeting the managers are asked to provide further justification as to why they nominated certain players from their team and the other managers in the meeting can also provide input or information as to why they may agree or disagree with the nominating manager's evaluation of that player.


5. Tryouts. All players nominated are then required to attend a tryout. The tryout is run by representatives from the TVLL Board of Directors who do not have children trying out for the same All-Star team.  The All-Star manager will evaluate nominees at the tryout and solicit input from other TVLL Board of Directors in attendance at the tryout.   Also, parents of All-Star nominees will not be allowed to attend the tryout, but will be informed what time the tryout will end at which time they will be asked to pick-up their child.   In order to tryout, the parents of an All-Star nominee must stipulate that their son/daughter will be available for the entire All-Star tournament (often covering late June and most of July depending on the age group). If parents indicate their son/daughter is available and will be fully committed to the tournament and they in turn miss games for reasons other than injury, illness or family emergency, their son/daughter may be replaced on the All-Star Team by another player, or subject to suspension by the PAC.


6. Team/Player Selections.

- For the 8u and 9u All-Star teams, the All-Star managers conduct a draft from the pool of nominated players in order to select their 2 teams. The All-Star managers then submit their team selections to the TVLL President for approval.


- For the 10u, 11u, and 12u All-Star teams, the respective All-Star manager selects their team from the pool of nominated players and submits it to the TVLL President for approval.


- If the TVLL President has any concerns about the All-Star manager's selections or roster size the All-Star manager will need to provide further justification for their selections and roster size. If the TVLL President is not satisfied with the manager's explanation and justification for selecting certain players over other players, or roster size, he will not approve the roster and the selection process will continue until the President approves the final rosters.




All-Star Managers and Teams are representatives of TVLL, not any particular Travel Team.  All-Star Nominations are made by TVLL Regular Season Managers, with the consultation of their Coaches, and are based on a “league age” designation only (e.g., 12, 11 or 10), regardless which TVLL Division (Majors, Intermediate or Farm, for example) they played during the regular season.  Also, TVLL All-Star Managers are required to consult with all regular season managers about their nominees, observe their play in game situations as well as observe and evaluate nominees at the designated TVLL All-Star Tryout for that particular age group.  In addition to regular season play, attitude, focus, sportsmanship, position versatility and game knowledge all are factors to be considered in the selection process.  It is also helpful to keep in mind the following: (i) All-Star Managers are volunteers and no All-Star selection process is perfect; (ii) just because your child played All-Stars in previous seasons does not necessarily mean your child will play All-Stars this season; (iii) just because your child did not play All-Stars in previous seasons does not necessarily mean they will not play this season; (iv) just because your child played up a division (e.g. a 10-year old playing Majors rather than Intermediate) does not automatically mean your child will be selected for All-Stars; and (v) just because your child plays travel baseball for a particular travel team does not necessarily mean your child will or will not play All-Stars.

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